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What am I even doing


when someone walks into your room

nancy, can we not question the creepy disembodied robotic cat head?

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i suddenly needed this on my blog



This is totally a reference to Harry Potter. And whoever thought of it is a GENIUS. I mean, seriously, book 5 is Harvey Herring and the Border in Phoenix, AZ. So awesome.

It most definitely is an HP reference- The Secret of Shadow Ranch came out in 2004, and The Half Blood Prince didn’t come out til 2005. And the books only go up to book 5 in this picture


Well I ain’t calling him a truther


Bess, I love you. Never change.

Oh my goodness thank you so much to whoever submitted this!!! It absolutely made my day!

baby: d-d-d-
dad: dada?? are you saying dada? oh you're first word!
baby: dare to play


Two things I desperately need in my life:

A ‘behind-the-scenes’ guide to the Nancy Drew games, made by HER Interactive, with concept art, info on scrapped storylines and characters, interviews with the voice actors, explanations of how they come up with each game and how they choose what to keep and what to change from the book, etc.

An ‘field guide’ to the Nancy Drew games, sort of like what Secrets of the Clans was to the Warriors series. Those books were my everything in 7th grade  It would be sort of like the previous idea, in that it presents stuff we don’t already know about the games, but it’s presented as canon, in-universe material, rather than behind-the-scenes. For example, it could have detailed maps of the settings in the games, illustrations of rooms and buildings the player doesn’t get to go in, background information on the characters, scenes from another character’s POV, just extra info in general on everyone and everything.

I would pay so much money for either of these two things.

· WANT ·
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